About Us

About Us

Family Practice

The family physician is a doctor who is specially trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of most illnesses that occur within the general population. We provide care for adults, children, and infants so that most of your families health care needs can be provided through our office. As family physicians, we not only care for your family’s medical problems, but also provide appropriate psychological support, and help you and your entire family. We are particularly interested in teaching you about “preventive medicine” and how to maintain your state of good health. When your medical problems are more complex or out of our area of expertise, then we will serve as the proper channel through which referral to the appropriate specialist can be made.

Services Provided

We are able to offer medical care for the majority of illnesses which affect all age groups form newborns to the elderly. We provide pediatric and adult outpatient care as well as hospital care when needed. We will perform minor surgical procedures in the office, and usually will assist at any major surgery on our patients.

Office hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday. We do have Saturday office hours, by appointment only, for urgent medical needs. Please call shortly after 9am on Saturday so an appropriate time can be scheduled. Together, we share emergency calls for our patients after office hours, and on weekends and holidays. The telephone exchange operator will connect you with us when you call the office number during those times. Depending on the circumstances we will decide if we can see you in the office or if we need to refer you to the emergency room for evaluation. We maintain a close communication with the emergency room physicians who will report on your condition to us, and should you require admission to the hospital, we will come in to admit you. Please reserve the “after hours” calls for true emergency or urgent situations.

Refills on medications should be requested during offices hours, and only in emergency situations on weekends. We require a 24-hour business day notice for refill requests.


We find it necessary to schedule our work by appointment. This allows us to provide adequate time for your care. Please come 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow for the necessary forms to be completed prior to being seen.

Patients obviously do become ill at unexpected times and emergencies do occur. Because of this, occasional delays in the schedule will occur. We realize that your time is valuable, so if a delay is anticipated, we will notify you. Frequently, if one of us has been called from the office, we will give you the opportunity to see another physician that day if possible, or you may choose to make a new appointment.

Please do not ask to see other members of your family at the time of your appointment unless you have made arrangements with the receptionist prior to your arrival in the office. Seeing two people when one is scheduled is not fair to the person to be seen following your appointment.

If you need to be seen on a day when you do not have an appointment, please call our office early in the morning and we will do our best to see you, and will let you know what time to come in. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify our office as soon as possible. To avoid a missed appointment charge kindly call the office at least 24 hours ahead to cancel. We are unable to continue seeing patients who repeatedly miss appointments. Your courtesy allows us to see another patient in your place.


All phone calls are screened by our office staff. This allows us to spend more time with you and our patients and does not disrupt patient care. Specific times are set aside around lunch time and at the end of the day for returning phone messages. Also, please remember that extensive advice can not be given without an examination, so you may be asked to make an appointment.

Please do not call requesting results of your lab tests ahead of your next appointment unless you are specifically asked by us to do so. Anxieties about results should be eased by remembering that in the event of a dangerously abnormal result, you will be notified immediately.

During the lunch hour, telephone calls may occasionally be answered by the telephone exchange. If it is a matter that requires our immediate attention, the telephone exchange will contact us and we will return your call as soon as possible.


Prescription refills frequently may be made by phone and can be hastened if you have your pharmacist fax us. However, regular office visits are still necessary for long-term usage of most medications, and we prefer to refill your medications when you are seen in the office. Therefore, we ask that you bring all medications needing to be refilled and we will ensure that you have enough medication to last until your next visit. Long term prescriptions are to be refilled at time of annual examination.

Confidential Information

The doctor-patient relationship is a privileged one, and personal information is not released unless authorized by you, the patient. Anything concerning your health belongs to you, not to friends, relatives, or employers.

Finanical Policy - Co-Pay Policy

A financial policy has been designed to avoid misunderstandings between us and to allow you to know the acceptable methods of payment for the services provided. You, as the patient, authorize treatment and are solely responsible for the payment of fees. In order to simplify accounting, improve bookkeeping, decrease paperwork, and in general, to keep your medical costs down, you will be asked to settle your account or make your co-payments at the time services are provided. We accept checks, cash, money orders and credit cards. All patients with insurance are required to have a current ID card. If you belong to an HMO, it is necessary to have one of our physicians listed as your Primary Care Physician. We make every effort to see if we are members with your insurance, but the ultimate responsibility lies with you to know who you are allowed to see.

Medicare patients should bring their identification cards at the time of each visit. In cases of extensive treatment, a suitable payment plan will be arranged to fit individual circumstances; however, our accountant requires that payments not be extended for longer than six months as a general rule. In the event of specialty consultation with another physician, the fees incurred for his or her services are separate and apart from our fees and will be charged to you directly by that office. Charges for any lab or x-ray studies are also billed separately by those facilities.

The initial visit to our office is slightly more costly than return visits. This extra amount is to cover the cost of preparing your office chart and a more extensive visit.


Although we try very hard to have a mutual understanding and cooperation with our patients and to give the best possible care, there are still times when problems or complaints may arise. We are most anxious to know about these so they may be corrected and avoided in the future. Please call the Practice Administrator to discuss these needs.

Doctor-Patient Relationship

The relationship between doctor and patient is very special and is built over time through mutual respect and trust. With the family physician, this “special relationship” extends to the family unit, as the physician is not only the health provider, but also a friend. This respect and trust results in a team approach to recognizing treating and preventing disease. We serve as consultants to you by diagnosing your illness suggesting plans for therapy and helping you to understand the illness as it affects you. You, then, have the option of accepting or not accepting that advice. As such, the ultimate responsibility for your health rests with you. We hope that by being responsive to your questions, and informative in our explanation, we can help you to continue to assume increasing responsibility for your healthcare.

Location and Contact Numbers

Visalia Family Practice Medical Group
107 N Hall St., Suite D
Visalia, CA 93291

Phone: 559-625-9200

Fax: 559-625-4702